Updates: Save As PDF Pro, Power Rules Manager, and Pricing Changes

This month we are bringing you updates for our software like Save As PDF Pro, Power Rules Manager, and changes to our pricing.

Save as PDF Pro has a new feature, the ability to include Bates stamps at the bottom of each page. Many customers have asked for this over the last few months, so we’re excited to be able to deliver it.  In case you didn’t know, Bates stamps are unique IDs usually used for legal documents (court proceedings, that kind of thing).

The Bates stamps appear at the bottom of each page in the PDF, and there are three columns (left, middle and right).  Each column can contain the PDF filename, page number, Bates number, or custom text (think “Confidential” or a case number).  We hope that this feature will help those of you in the legal or paralegal field.

A customer recently wrote to us about Power Rules Manager: “Working from home is great.  Having all your corporate work emails in your personal inbox, not so much.”   We agree, and we’ve made a few bug fixes regarding this add-in.  The first is the ability to drag and drop rules.  In the past, this feature had trouble, especially if you tried to move multiple rules at the same time.  In this new release, we had to limit the drag and drop to one rule at a time – not optimal.  We wanted multi-rule drag and drop but our grid doesn’t support it (yet).  When it does, we’ll update it to reflect this.

The other major bug we resolved is saving the execution order of your rules.  Previously, if you set the execution order to what you wanted (say, alphabetically by clicking on the “Name” column header in the grid) then attempted to set what you were looking at in the grid as the order of execution, it would successfully save but the actual rule order execution would not update. This has been fixed. Now you can set your rules to execute alphabetically, or by client/server side rules first, or use the updated drag/drop facility to fine tune your rule order.

One final note – starting Feb 2, we are raising our prices.  With the exception of Zoom Email windows, it’s been 15 years since we last raised our prices and our costs are all going up.  So, on or after Feb 2, you will notice some prices starting to change.  Most products will be going up 40% to prevent us from having to do this again.  If you were on the fence about purchasing an add-in, now is a good time to buy.  Note that if you have a quote from us in hand, that we will of course honor those prices even after Feb 2.


2 thoughts on “Updates: Save As PDF Pro, Power Rules Manager, and Pricing Changes

  1. Do you have a feature where you can easily insert the Date & Time into the body of an email? Microsoft use to have this feature many years ago and then it disappeared.

    Curtis Hall

  2. What is the latest version of Power Rules Manager, and how do we download it. The latest version I see in the downloads page is V7.1, “PowerRulesManagerSetup-v7.1-64bit-en-US.exe”, and this looks like the same version that has been out since 2019.

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