We Now Accept Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies

Here at Sperry Software we have to be aware of changing trends in both our email related industry and also in other areas, for example payment methods.

One payment method that has caught our attention is Bitcoin.  This emerging trend is very promising, particularly for those in poorer countries, as the transaction fees are lower than traditional methods.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Bitcoin (and crypto digital currencies in general) allow for direct, peer to peer transactions in a tamper proof system while cutting out the middlemen like banks.  Bitcoin’s cryptography and distributed network provides reliability and trust, making it secure.  Bitcoin is currently being adopted faster than the internet itself from the late nineties!  You can learn more about Bitcoin here.

With that in mind, Sperry Software is now accepting payments in Bitcoin and over 50 other digital currencies through an intermediary called Now Payments.

Although we did mention that Bitcoin allows for direct, peer to peer purchasing, we like the idea of having Now Payments on our side to be able to accept so many different digital currencies without the hassle of having to code and maintain all the different digital wallets needed (a digital wallet is needed for payments, usually one per digital currency used – get your own bitcoin using a wallet here). Now Payments greatly simplifies this process.

To pay for one of our products using crypto, when you get to the final checkout screen, at the bottom is the option to pay via crypto:

Steps to checkout with crypto

Follow the 3 steps to begin paying with crypto.

Once you select the option, then click “Order Now”.  You will then be brought to Now Payments checkout screen:

Paying with Now Payments crypto

Be sure to change to whatever digital currency you want – most likely BTC not BTG.

Note that the Now Payments default is to use BTG.  So, we switched to the more mainstream BTC but we ended up switching to Litecoin because the wallet we used to test the payment had a minimum amount of bitcoin that we were allowed to send ($100) but the product we chose was less than $30.  Our wallet had no such issues with Litecoin.



Follow the prompts and your order will complete.  You will be sent an email with your order number, which is all you need to transform your trial version to a purchased version.

We are curious here – what do you think about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies? Does it have a future?