Weekly Fixes for the week of June 24, 2013

  This week we have one new feature and several bug fixes to report.

  The first feature concerns the Save As PDF add-in – it now has the ability to save the email portion in A4 or US letter size in the PDF.

  Sent Items Organizer and Incoming Mail Organizer had a bug that prevented the add-in from showing the list of folders properly when viewed under Outlook 2013.  This has been fixed.

  Some people have begun to experience a bug with Auto Print, whereby the odd pages will all print first followed by all the even pages.  This problem is still being tracked, but we believe it may be a connected to a recent Office update.  It has been fixed in our newest versions.

  Send Individually had a memory issue where it failed to release memory when sending a campaign email to your contacts.  This problem did not occur if you were using a list from an Excel file. It also had a problem where pictures and other images were not being shown properly in the resulting campaign email, and this has been fixed as well.  Finally, it seems that some customers are in the habit of placing their list of recipients into the BCC field instead of the To field so that if a mistake is made and the Send button is inadvertently clicked instead of the Send Individually button, then no recipients will see anyone else’s email address.  However, the add-in wasn’t picking up these BCC recipients – this has been fixed.  On a side note, while we do recommend that you keep doing this to be safe, you should know that if you start a new email campaign with the “Create New Campaign” button, then later inadvertently click the regular Send button, that the add-in is aware of this and will prompt you to ask if that’s what you really meant to do.  Try it out on a fake campaign!