Send Individually for Outlook 2013

The Sperry Software Send Individually Add-In for Microsoft Outlook sends email newsletters to each of your email contacts with just their name in the To field, similar to mail merge. The difference is that it allows attachments to be on the email and it supports sending from different From accounts.

This new Send Individually version, just out of beta for Outlook 2013, now reads Excel files directly – including CSV files. It continues to maintain backward compatibility with reading tab delimited text files as well. This was the most requested feature for this add-in, and we’re happy to know it will now be easier than ever to get your newsletters and other communications out.

In addition to being able to read Excel files, the add-in also now has the ability to send a different attachment for each recipient. All you have to do is specify a different file in each Excel row. The add-in will check to see if the substitution text (in the body of the email) points to an Excel column with a valid filename and if so, instead of inserting the Excel text into the email, it will attach the file to the email and then send it.

Another user feature frequently requested is the ability to BCC all outgoing emails to another address. When we asked customers why they would want to do this, it was explained that customers who use CRM systems like Salesforce want to see all communications to their customers. The reason why people couldn’t do this before was that they were in the habit of entering all their email addresses into the BCC field – just in case they accidently hit Send instead of Send Individually. It’s a good practice, so we’ve added our BCC ability to the add-in’s configuration window – you don’t need to worry about the BCC field at all (or you can just keep doing it the way you have in the past). As an aside, if you start an email with the “Create New Campaign” button and you do accidently hit the Send button, the add-in detects this and prompts you with a warning, giving you a chance to cancel the Send.