20 Year Anniversary

This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary, and so we’re giving you 20% off!

When we first started back in 2001, we had no idea how much Sperry Software would grow. From our first add-in to the dozens we currently have, we couldn’t have done it without the over 100,000 customers that we’ve served.

Throughout the years we’ve had to adapt to the constantly changing market and demands, that’s why we love to introduce new features and products like our new Office 365 line of add-ins.

Finally as we look to the future of Sperry Software moving our brand on to the more modern style Outlook including desktops, Macs, and on the web we hope to improve upon what has always been at the heart of our business, the customer support and service. Our customers have had our back in good times and bad, and so we’re determined to continue to provide the customer experience that they have come to expect.

Use code anniversary20 to get 20% your entire cart for the next 30 days!

Thank you and we look forward to the next 20 years!