Introducing a New App: Safeguard Send for Office 365

This month we’re introducing a new Office 365 app called Safeguard Send for Office 365.  Some of you are probably already familiar with the desktop version of Safeguard Send.  Both products are email checker tools that scan outbound emails.  Before sending the email they will both look at the recipients and display a warning prompt if sending outside the company domain(s) (among other conditions).  This gives you a chance to correct mistakes before it’s too late.  In addition to displaying a warning prompt, both products can also block the email from going out altogether until certain conditions are satisfied.  For instance, never allowing emails to go out if they contain a Social Security Number (US) or a National Insurance Number (UK).

While similar, the Safeguard Send Office 365 add-in is an app that runs in Office 365 and so works on desktop Outlook for Windows, Outlook on the Mac, and Outlook on the web.  There is no deployment per se, but rather you install the add-in through desktop or web Outlook for either yourself or your entire tenant.

Because Safeguard Send for Office 365 is a part of our new product line of Office 365 Apps similar to Phishing Net for Office 365, it is subscription based but has a free tier as well.

The Free tier can scan outbound emails and can prompt when sending to external recipients, when sending to more than N number of recipients or when sending an email with more than N attachments (or any combination of these three).  Similar to Phishing Net for Office 365, this tier does not include tech support.

The Standard tier does everything the Free tier does but also allows you to prompt if sending an email to two different domains (so you cannot send an email to a corporate domain and to say, a Gmail address).  It also allows you to specify up to 3 rules with three different warning prompt texts.

The Professional tier does everything the Standard tier does but allows you to create an unlimited number of rules.  In addition it is the one that most closely resembles the desktop version in that you can specify rules to catch SSNs, driver’s license numbers, credit cards or any other account numbers.  A complete breakdown of what is included in each of the tiers is available along with the price of each tier near the bottom of the main product page.

Both the Standard and Pro tiers provide tech support and more importantly, come with a questionnaire process so that you can get your rules customized to work the way you want, for both yourself and any other users you designate (either individually or by the company domain(s)).   The way it works is you sign up for one of the two paid tiers, then you get emailed the Safeguard Send for Office 365 questionnaire.  You fill it out, send it back, then we implement your custom version and let you know it’s ready and how to install it.

Interested in learning more?  Read our Getting Started with Safeguard Send for Office 365.  In the meantime, you can start preventing email mistakes for free by trying out the free tier.  Do you have any thoughts or ideas on how to improve this product?  Let us know what you’re thinking!