A Customer Asks About Printing Invoices…

Recently we received an email from a customer asking us this:

“I have a need to print PDF attachments to emails that are sent to a particular email address.   It looks like your Auto Print will do that nicely.  My other need is to automatically save that same PDF to a network directory as part of the process.  Do you have an add-in that can do that as well?”


Tampa, Florida

Can it be done?  Well Jim, while the Auto Print add-in will take care of printing invoices, even printing just the emails that have a PDF attachment, it does not do anything further with the email once it has printed (other than mark it read).

To do what you need, you’ll actually need a second add-in to save the email to a Windows folder.  For that, we have the Attachment Save add-in.  It will save your attachments to the Windows folder of your choice, and optionally even replace that attachment with a URL link (that is, in the body of the email there will be a link to the PDF invoice that is now stored on your Windows folder).

Auto Print and Attachment Save have been working together for years now, and in case you’re wondering, the add-in always execute in the right order (first print, then save off attachments).

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