Introducing Quick Text Hotkeys Pro

We’re all trying to be more efficient as we work from home.  It’s important that once you carve out a few minutes of time, to be able to answer as many emails as possible before the next distraction comes along.

To be as efficient as possible, wouldn’t it be great if as soon as you click reply that a “Hello” followed by the person’s first name would instantly appear?  That alone would save you time.

Well, with the new Quick Text Hotkeys Pro you can set this up! It’ll also automatically go down two rows and add a few spaces and place the cursor right where you want it.  Imagine – all you have to do is click Reply and then start typing.  It’s one of our best time savers.

Most people know that another great time saver is an autoresponder.  This is a tool that monitors your inbox and when it sees an email sent to a particular email address or with a certain subject, it automatically sends out a pre-written reply.  Many of our customers already know that the Timed Email Organizer add-in is capable of being used as an autoresponder because it can do exactly this (among many more features).  But sometimes, the sender may have buried a question that the autoresponder misses, or perhaps you want to read each email before responding.  For these scenarios, the new Quick Text Hotkeys Pro can be setup to allow one click responses – in other words with a single click of a function key or toolbar button, it can insert your predefined response into the email and immediately send it out.

Mapping different responses to several different toolbar buttons can be quite handy when you are answering FAQs that you might get from your customers, clients or employees.  Simply read the email, see which of the responses is appropriate in this case, click the toolbar button and off it goes!  The amount of time you spend on an email will definitely go down and the quality and consistency of your responses will go up because you’ve had a chance to properly craft your response with just the right message and can reuse it again and again.

There are more features that this add-in has compared to the original Quick Text Hotkeys add-in.  That add-in isn’t going anywhere – but here is a list of the differences between the two.

Finally, if you purchased the original Quick Text Hotkeys add-in within the last two years, you can upgrade to this version for free for the next 90 days.  Just send an email to [email protected] with your order number stating that you’d like to take advantage of the new Quick Text Hotkeys Pro and we’ll take it from there.