Recent Features and Bug Fixes

We recently updated a number of add-ins with features and fixed a few bugs along the way:

  • Auto Print Pro now has the ability to specify which pages to print per email AND/OR per attachment. Previously, once the number of pages was set, that was it for that printer. Now, the ability to say something like “for this rule print just the first page of the email and the first three pages of any Word documents”, or “for emails coming from [email protected] print just the first page of the PDF”.
  • Auto Print Pro and Save As PDF Pro both received updated PDF processing resulting in fewer errors and better quality of the pages
  • Auto Print Pro now has a new default of assigning the “red” category (by default we use “red”, it can be any category) to emails that fail to print for any reason (think paper jams, no ink, out of paper, etc). It also has a new “Retry Printing” toolbar button which allows you to easily retry printing of emails and/or attachments that previously failed for some reason. It finds all emails that have the “red” category (it can be any category) and reprints it.
  • Auto Print Pro help file is now complete and comes with the newest version.
  • Auto Print Pro now has the ability to force the email addresses and not just the names of the recipients to be displayed in the header (you know, the From, Subject, Date, etc). Alternatively it can also be omitted altogether. It remains at the Outlook default, to print just the names of the recipients.
  • Save As PDF Pro now has the ability to select which Auto Print Pro rule to use (when set to automatically print after converting to PDF).
  • Save As PDF Pro now can print the generated PDF(s) as one print job using Auto Print Pro
  • Timed Email Organizer had problems starting the first time on some machines, until the Engine window was set to be visible. This problem has been corrected, the Engine is also now made visible by default so you can see it working, and a Start/Stop button to control it was added.
  • Send Individually would sometimes fail to send to recipients if the debug log was turned on and you were sending from a non-default account. This has been fixed.
  • Under certain conditions Send Individually did not respect the “From” account when going to send emails if using an exchange server and Outlook 2016. This problem has been fixed.
  • Send Individually wouldn’t load all email addresses from an Excel workbook if the column holding the email addresses had extra characters (like tabs or spaces) at the end of the email address. It also wouldn’t write any failed email addresses to the “Load Errors” file so you could fix the problem! Both of these problems have been fixed.
  • Global Search and Replace now supports replacing characters in a contact’s last name.  Why would you want this you wonder?  We had a customer that imported contacts, and they all came with “~~” appended to the end of each last name.
  • Rename Attachments can now exclude certain characters during the renaming process (for CRM or Document Management Systems that say, don’t accept commas in the resulting attachment naming)
  • Attachment Save has always had the ability to save all attachments in one or more folders (in a batch process). When that process completed, the message box title said “Undo Attachment Save Processing Status”. It is now correctly titled “Attachment Save Processing Status”.
  • Schedule Recurring Email: If you created an email that will be sent out weekly, and you started the email in the past (more than one week ago), the add-in incorrectly reported the next scheduled send date (it used the previous week’s occurrence). This has been fixed.
  • MailBeat replies now include the user, computer name, and time that the reply was generated in the body of the reply. This was to help users identify responses from the same mailbox, but on different machines.
  • Mailbeat was updated to handle signed/encrypted emails.

To update, simply uninstall your current version via Control Panel…Programs and Features…Uninstall a Program (it’s listed under “Sperry Software – {name of Outlook add-in}”, then download and install the new version.  Just look for the Downloads tab of the add-in you’re interested, or look through our complete list of downloads (it’s in alphabetical order).