We’re Adding Annual Subscription Plans

To make everyone’s lives easier, we are now offering yearly subscriptions.  If you are currently paying for a subscription on a monthly basis, you have the option of switching to an annual plan or staying with monthly. If you are on a free subscription however, we will be switching you over to a free annual plan this week.  In fact, going forward if a new customer wishes to sign up for one of the Office 365 apps or cloud services we offer at the free tier, they will be required to sign up for the free annual plan.  We think most customers will want to switch to yearly invoicing because all the annual subscription plans come with a built in 10% discount, and so more money can be saved by going yearly.

If you are currently paying for a monthly subscription of Phishing Net for Office 365, Timed Email Organizer for Office 365, or Schedule Recurring Email for Office 365 then you can switch your account over by logging into your account then going to the web page where you bought the subscription (listed above) and switch your subscription by purchasing the new one you want. The new yearly subscription plans are all detailed in the pulldown where you switch your subscription.

Once you switch to one of the annual plans, you will finish out your current monthly subscription, then when it ends you will be billed for the new annual subscription.  Right now, we don’t have a way to notify you next year that your renewal will be charged to your credit card but we will work on that and keep you posted.  One caveat in all this: You can’t switch subscriptions if the status is On Hold (that is, there was a failure to collect payment in the preceding month), or if you have cancelled your subscription but you still have time left on it.

The reason we’re making these changes is that it was by user request – some customers simply wanted less accounting.  We agree – it’s much easier to deal with the transactions if there are fewer of them!  And of course, there’s the price savings by committing to a year of usage.

We hope that this change will make your accounting easier and will save you some money to boot.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.