Auto Print for Outlook 2016 Is Now Out of Beta

We’re happy to announce that Auto Print for Outlook 2016 is now fully released and no longer in beta.  All the Sperry Software add-ins have been in beta since September, 2015 when they were generally made publically available.

The Auto Print add-in prints emails and/or attachments when the email arrives in your Outlook folders.  It easily handles PDF, Microsoft Word® documents, Excel spreadsheets, many other Office file types, 17 different image file types and will even peer into zip files and extract the contents in order to print those files!

If you’ve purchased the add-in within the last two years, this new version is free – simply follow the How to Uninstall Your Outlook Add-ins instructions, then click on the Downloads tab of the Auto Print page to download the new version.  And, even if it’s been more than two years, you can still qualify for our significant previous customer discount – email us to get your discount coupon code.