Schedule Recurring Email for Outlook 2016 Is Now Released

Our Microsoft Outlook 2016 Schedule Recurring Emails Add-In allows you to send repetitive, recurring emails with ease. By creating one email, and associating a schedule of when to send the emails, you can relieve yourself of having to remember to do it manually each time. In addition, the add-in can grab the most recent copy of an attachment “on the fly” to keep others up to date. This video describes how to setup a recurring email using the add-in.

Our newest versions (v6.0) now support working in Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.

If you’ve purchased the add-in within the last two years, this new version is free – simply follow the How to Uninstall Your Outlook Add-ins instructions, then click on the Downloads tab of the Auto Print page to download the new version.  And, even if it’s been more than two years, you can still qualify for our significant previous customer discount – email us to get your discount coupon code.

To find out more about the add-in, go to