How to Warn Users When They Are Going to Send Emails to Certain Addresses

This week we implemented a new condition for the rules in Safeguard Send for Office 365.  Most customers like the add-in to prompt when sending any email outside the company.  However, we have a new customer that wants a prompt to occur when sending to particular email addresses.

At first we thought that this was going to be used similarly to the traditional desktop add-in, and that the customer was going to specify say, * or * to warn users when they were going to send emails to those addresses.  This is a good rule to implement since many hackers like to use display names of people you know but use Gmail or Hotmail as they underlying email address.

But this wasn’t the case.

Instead, they are using it to double check with users to be sure they are emailing the correct recipient when they have employees with similar names.  For example, there might be a Jane Smith with an address like [email protected] and another employee Joe Smith with an address like [email protected].  If a typical employee goes to compose a new email and starts typing “smith” it’s possible that the wrong email address will show up.

This new condition implemented in the Safeguard Send add-in for Office 365 allows the employees a chance to see the email addresses, catch the mistake and correct the error before the email goes out.

As a reminder, this condition is only in the Pro version.  To implement it, once you sign up simply specify which email addresses you would like your users warned about in our questionnaire (which is used to customize your version of the add-in).