Learn To Protect Outgoing Email

Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365

The Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365 is an Outlook add-in that warns users when they are about to send an email outside the company, or to certain recipients, or under many other circumstances.

The first step is to install the add-in into your tenant (or for yourself) if you haven’t done so already.

IT managers can then control the rules used by the add-in for their organization, by using the Safeguard Send Dashboard.

You can learn more about the dashboard using the following links:

Quick Start

Start here to get a quick overview of the dashboard.  If you read nothing else, read this one page guide to getting started.

Arbor Software

Arbor Software is fictitious company created by us here at Sperry Software.  It is analogous to Microsoft’s Contoso.  You can learn more about this fake company and what it does because we refer to it often and use it in our examples.

How to Test Your Rule Changes

Imagine this: David Jones, the IT Manager at Arbor Software, wants to add an additional rule for his company.  He wants this new rule to warn his users whenever they send any email with more than 5 recipients, but how can David test and add this new rule without rolling it out to everyone immediately?

How to Add Rules for Another Company Domain?

Most times, you’ll only need one set of rules to control all the rules for your company domain, and this was done for you when you signed up.  But, what if you had another company domain that you wanted to specify rules for?

How to Force Users to Confirm Each Recipient and/or Attachment Before Sending Email

This rule option is useful for those organizations that need to impart to their users that they are sending emails on the behalf of their company and that they need to be extra careful when sending emails to customers and clients.  This is particularly useful when sending legal, financial or other sensitive documents.  It forces users to individually confirm each recipient or attachment when going to send an email.

Dashboard Reference Pages

Edit Subscription

Edit/Create Contacts

Edit/Create Rule Sets

Edit/Create Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about signing up for a trial, what happens when two IT admins from the same company both subscribe, what’s the difference between signing up for direct invoicing versus subscribing through Microsoft Azure Marketplace and many other potentially useful background bits of information with our Frequently Asked Questions regarding Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365.