Save As PDF for Outlook 2016 Is Now Released

Save As PDF is an Outlook email add-in that converts your emails and/or attachments to PDF files. It first converts the email, then its attachments – including Word DOCX files, Excel XLSX and CSV files, Powerpoint PPTX files, GIFs, JPGs, TIF, BMP, PNG, TXT, XML, and even ZIP files. And, it’s recursive…if there are attachments that are themselves emails, it converts those emails into PDF, then works on the attachments of those embedded emails.

This new version is being released out of beta – it now supports running under Outlook 2016 and/or Windows 10. It also has the ability to mark the email with a particular Outlook category after successfully (or unsuccessfully) saving the email out as PDF. This allows another add-in to come in and act on that email based on the current category, either moving or copying it to another folder. The add-in that can act on emails based on their category is called the Timed Email Organizer add-in.

Many people in real estate use the add-in as part of their jobs because many states require that email conversations with clients be saved outside of Outlook. It’s also favored by people performing legal discovery because PDF has a public standard format.

One note – we get a lot of customers asking us if the add-in can save lots of emails and attachments into a single PDF file known as a PDF portfolio. While this version doesn’t yet support that, we are working on it and it’s next up on the feature list!