A Recent Microsoft Update Breaks Some Add-Ins

If you have Auto Print, Auto Print Pro, Print On Demand, Save As PDF or Save As PDF Pro and you have recently received a Windows update (for example you might have automatic Windows updates turned on), then you may have recently experienced a bug where the add-in suddenly started failing to print or save the PDF properly.

In particular, this bug prevented emails from printing or saving, attachments seemed to print/save fine (unless you were printing/saving both emails and attachments, in which case the add-in does not print or save the attachment if there’s a problem with printing or saving the email – it simply marks the whole thing with a red category or whatever you’ve set up the add-in to do when there’s a problem).

We have tracked the error down to a recent Microsoft Windows update, which is why the add-in suddenly started to misbehave.  While we are still unsure of the exact update version number (so that you could roll it back) we have corrected the underlying issue in our code. so that now all you have to do is update your add-in to the most recent version to get it back going.

If you have version 8.0 of the add-ins, you will still have to manually uninstall the add-in until we turn on the automatic update feature – which requires that we release the 8.0 versions out of beta.  We were getting ready to do this until this issue cropped up, so we will next work hard on that and try to get it ready for early next week.  In the meantime, you can follow these instructions to manually update your add-in.

[Update: Jan 23]: It turns out that if you have v7.1, there appears to be a bug in the automatic upgrade process.  We have already corrected the problem going forward, but you will still need to manually update your add-in.