New Bug Found In The Underlying Engine

On Saturday, Sept 17th we released new versions of the add-ins.  The new versions fixed a small problem in the engine, the framework that runs all the (desktop) add-ins.

Unfortunately,  we inadvertently introduced a new bug where some add-ins would no longer receive notification that new incoming emails had arrived.  This resulted in symptoms like if you used the batch printing function of Auto Print or Auto Print Pro then it worked perfectly but if you tried to send yourself an email and have that email (or it’s attachments) then it would fail.

We have fixed the problem and created new versions of the add-ins.  This is the list of add-ins that are affected:

Add Email Address
Attachment Save
Attachment Save Pro
Auto Print
Auto Print Pro
Rename Attachments
Save As PDF
Save As PDF Pro
Timed Email Organizer

Thanks to our recent ability to now be able to check for updates, you can now fix this problem by going into your add-in’s Configuration window, then click on the About button in the lower left, then click the Check For Updates button, then follow the instructions.  This process is described in more detail in our post titled Automatic Updates Are Now Turned On.

Pretty ironic that yesterday’s blog post was titled Humans Make Mistakes, hmmm? We apologize for the inconvenience.